A Note of Thanks

Our Fall Diaper Drive raised $16,027 to purchase 52,574 diapers and other needed items for our friends in need at Mustard Seed Communities. Thank you for your generous support!

We are Move a Mountain Missions

Rising to the Challenge
Our Mission

Our MissionRising to the Challenge

Rooted in a deep desire to be Jesus for the most vulnerable in the world, Move a Mountain Missions is a Catholic non-for-profit organization that aims to help youth and young adults from the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh grow deeper in their call to service.

Our Services

What We DoMission Trips Locally and Abroad

We organize and raise funds for local and international Mission Trips, raise funds for particular projects for Mustard Seed Community, and assist in bringing a missionary charism of caring for the most vulnerable among us home to Pittsburgh.

Who We Serve

Who We ServeService to the World's Most Vulnerable

We serve children and adults with disabilities and young mothers in crisis both locally in Pittsburgh and at Jamaica's Mustard Seed Communities. Our mission teams come home truly transformed by their service experience - it is our desire to do what we can to make this experience possible for more students.


It's amazing to see, we go to serve and help out the residents, but the reality is they do much more for us because they have a joy that is contagious.

Dan Gallagher Move a Mountain Missions Co-Founder

These young men and women are so impacted by the experience, their Catholic faith so enriched, they return with a new, giving spirit. So we decided to do what we can so more students can have that experience.

Father Chris Donley Move a Mountain Missions Co-Founder

For the first time in 16 years, I began to feel like I was slowly reaching an inner peace - I put my faith in this peace and trusted that if the Lord could bring me such amazing change in just one day, that there was more to come in my remaining days at Mustard Seed in Jamaica.

Rachel P. 2018 Mission Teen

Caring for others, taking on their problems and offering love in return, validates everything that we have lived for. Loving others is the realest thing that we can do – it’s what we’re called to do.

Luke G. 2016, 2017 and 2018 Mission Teen

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